Getting Help With Foot Troubles

Getting Help With Foot Troubles

The Single Exercise That Takes Away Your Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Ashley Stewart

If you are experiencing a lot of pain on the heel of your foot, then you may be suffering from a condition known as plantar fasciitis. This condition can be extremely painful and has a habit of lasting for months. The good news is that there is a single exercise that has been proven to resolve plantar fasciitis pain.

The Cause of Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Plantar fasciitis pain is caused by injury and inflammation of the plantar fascia. This is a very thick tendon that connects your heel to the toe area of your foot. The thickness of this tendon makes it very strong, but it also causes it to heal more slowly than injuries to other tendons in your body.

The Exercise for Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Traditionally, plantar fasciitis was treated with a long course of anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy exercises. A study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports showed that there is a single exercise that can solve your plantar fasciitis pain - once and for all.

To perform this exercise, you need to have either a strong box or a stair and a rolled-up towel. 

Place the towel on the stair and place the toes of your sore foot on the towel. You should be standing on the stair with your sore foot and your heel area should be hanging off of the edge of the stair. Allow your free leg to hang over the edge of the stair.

Raise up your heel on your sore foot while standing on the toe area of your foot. Hold this position for the count of three and then lower your heel back to the stair.

For optimum relief, you need to repeat this exercise ten times every other day.  You should start to see improvement in two weeks and in a couple of months your pain should subside for good.

If you find that the exercise stops being effective after a couple weeks, then you should wear a backpack with a couple heavy books in it while performing the exercise. This will add weight to your body and help to add more strength to your plantar fascia tendon.


Now that you have all of the necessary information to relieve your plantar fasciitis pain, you should make an appointment with your podiatrist to discuss your issue and get an appropriate diagnosis. If your podiatrist gives you the okay to exercise, then this exercise may relieve your pain.

Contact a podiatry office like ETL Podiatry to learn more about plantar fasciitis.


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