Getting Help With Foot Troubles

Getting Help With Foot Troubles

  • 4 Ways To Handle Heel Pain

    Heel pain is a common foot problem that can easily become a much larger issue if it is not properly treated. Treating the heel pain often involves simply taking better care of your feet and allowing them time to recover. To help you get back on your feet, here are some ways to alleviate heel pain. Rest Your Feet One of the most important steps you can take towards healing heel pain is to rest your feet.

  • If You Have Diabetes, Ingrown Toenail Prevention Is Key

    For most people, ingrown toenails are painful and annoying. But if you have diabetes, they're much more serious. The poor circulation and dulled nerves that go along with diabetes mean that most foot problems are more serious, and ingrown toenails are no exception. In severe cases, an ingrown toenail can become badly infected or lead to an open sore that requires surgery.  That's why prevention of ingrown toenails is crucial if you have diabetes.

  • Recently Diagnosed With Diabetes? 4 Tips To Help You Keep Your Feet Healthy

    If you've recently been diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor has probably given you a long list of instructions regarding your diet and the insulin you'll be using. However, you might not have been given instructions on how to care for your feet. You might be wondering what your feet have to do with diabetes. Studies have shown that Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are associated with several different foot diseases including peripheral artery disease and peripheral neuropathy.

  • 4 Things Diabetics Need To Know About Plantar Warts

    Plantar warts are growths that develop on the bottoms of your feet due to the human papillomavirus. For most people, plantar warts are just a nuisance, but for people with other health problems, such as diabetes, they can be dangerous. Here are four things diabetics need to know about plantar warts. What are the signs of plantar warts? If you have a plantar wart, you may feel pain in part of your foot when you walk or stand.

  • Steps You Can Take To Prevent Diabetic Foot Problems

    Diabetes can cause serious health complications, including problems that affect your feet. Common foot problems that often affect people without diabetes can become severe or even life threatening to a diabetic. Although the American Diabetes Association reports that people with diabetes account for about 60 percent of lower-extremity amputations performed on adults age 20 or older, managing your diabetes and taking proper care of your feet reduces your risk of foot ulcers and infections that can lead to the loss of a limb.

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Getting Help With Foot Troubles

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