Getting Help With Foot Troubles

Getting Help With Foot Troubles

4 Commonly Asked Questions About Corns

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Having a corn on your foot can be a painful experience and may even necessitate a visit to a local and trusted podiatrist. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn what exactly a corn is, what causes them, and how a podiatrist will treat your corn.

What Is A Corn?

A corn usually manifests itself in the toes, more specifically, it usually occurs on the outermost side of your big toe and is usually experienced as a dull ache. Its appearance is easy to discern, as it usually appears as a blister-like development that is hard to the touch. A corn is actually a conglomeration of dead tissues on your foot that has hardened over time. If left untouched, a corn can develop into a callous or, in some cases, a wound that is not particularly good for your overall health.

What Causes Corns?

There are many culprits that can cause the appearance of corns, but by far and away, the most notorious culprit is wearing shoes that cause friction between the inside of the shoe and the outside of the toe. Perhaps the biggest problem within this problem is that many people who develop corns are wearing footwear that is far too small or ill fitting for them to adequately walk lengthy distances. As such, it is recommended that you are fitted for a shoe when you're picking out your next set of shoes.

How Can A Podiatrist Help?

Although a podiatrist has a number of different options at their disposal to help you with corns, the most common procedure involves cutting away the dead skin, allowing fresh flesh to grow on the epidermis. It should be noted that you should not try this method at home, as cutting too deeply can cause an open wound to form, which could become infected. This can be very dangerous and should be left to a healthcare professional.

How Can You Prevent Or Treat Corns At Home?

Make sure that you have shoes that properly fit your feet. Make sure that the inside of the shoe is not scraping against the outside of your toe. It is also recommended that you refrain from wearing pointed toe shoes on a regular basis. At home, soften the dead tissue by soaking your feet in warm water with a bit of salt, especially after taking a long walk.

Hopefully, this brief article has answered just a few of the questions that you may have about corns. To learn more, visit a website like


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